So You Want an Updated Look?

Hair trends can be a bit confusing. Should you be a follower of the new trends? Should you follow what New York Fashion Week says? Should you follow your favorite celebrities? OR should you take the advice of your hair stylist?

Well, since I’m writing this, I say consider the advice of your stylist! That person knows you and your hair best. Sure you like all those pastel colors and short micro bangs, but is that realistic for your life? You have to weigh all the factors. Is higher maintenance hair for you? If you decide no to the pink hair then try these simple changes.

  • Change your part. Middle, slightly off center, or a deep part. It can change a look dramatically.
  • Brighten up your locks with a few strategically placed highlights. Plus it will add a little texture and give you more volume!
  • Give yourself the gift of shine. Have a clear gloss put on to make that hair glisten!
  • Bangs. Not the micro mini kind, but the long swept to the side kind. Bangs are still in for 2016.
  • For my long haired friends….try pinning the back under to create a faux bob and see if shorter hair is for you.
  • For my short haired friends…try some clip in hair extensions and see if long hair suits you.

Bottom line is to just have fun if you aren’t ready for a huge change that requires commitment and maintenance.

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