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So You Want an Updated Look?

Hair trends can be a bit confusing. Should you be a follower of the new trends? Should you follow what New York Fashion Week says? Should you follow your favorite celebrities? OR should you take the advice of your hair stylist? Well, since I’m writing this, I say consider the advice of your stylist! That person knows…
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On The Move…Again

After a year and a half at Sola Salon Studios #20, the walls were starting to close in. I know my clients didn’t feel it quite as much as I did, but I’m sure they all want me to be comfortable. I mean, I want to do my best work and I must be comfy…
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It’s a Brand New World

The salon is open, and changes are starting! It's a brand new world out there, and it's time to start utilizing it. Many of you have already enjoyed the huge and free parking lot at Sola. (Winter time is going to be a breeze.) But have you taken advantage of swiping a credit card at…
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