Special Services

Special Services
Getting ready for a formal event can be stressful. The Nth Salon can take the stress out of your wedding, prom, high school reunion, or that black tie affair you bought a new dress for. We can design an updo, or a styling that will last the whole night.

Texture/Permanent Wave Services:
Straight, sleek hairstyles are still in high demand. But for those of you with curly, coarse hair it can be frustrating trying to blow out that kind of texture. Keratin straightening services as well as traditional relaxers are used to create a smooth and sleek look so you can achieve that look you’ve always wanted, and The Nth Salon can do that for you.

On the other hand, some of you may have fine, limp, and untextured hair that requires adding some curl. Permanent waves have come a long way, and don’t have to be that spiral or kinky look. If all you need is a little wave, we can make that happen.

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